Friday, January 23, 2009

For Good Family . . .

So today has been one of those days that Phil Vassar would call "Just Another Day in Paradise." (Yup, milk sour on cheerios does NOT taste good, falling down on ice is no fun, and cold rain is also no fun but it has been a GOOD day! :) ) So also amid this great stuff is a little stress over a Monday anatomy test, a statistics assignment due Monday and a Nutrition paper due Monday . . .with just the weekend to make sure everything is all done and together. . . so amidst this stress I figured I would start my appreciation to my "For Good" people officially to relax for a few minutes and be grateful! :)
My family! (DUH! And they are not going anywhere ever!) And I think I can include them as "For Good" people even though they have been in my life all of theirs or all of mine . . .

My mom:
It is really hard for me to express how grateful I am for my mom and I am sure ALL of you feel this way, I mean she is my MOM! She has always taught me who I am and to love who I am and to strive for my best and be what I love! She has always been there for me - even when I may not have wanted her to be. She shares the knowledge she has with me freely and NEVER hesitates to say she loves me. She is happy and kind and has always done good. Ugh! I wish I could put it all in writing but know I can't! I love her! :) (p.s. she just called me when I was about to breakdown.)

My Dad:
My dad has always tried to his best to make me my best. I often get upset with critiques from him and I think it's because he's right. I remember as a kid getting to go on Daddy Daughter dates and loving every minute. He is tough but so fun! He is always willing to do anything for me and loves building things like his many projects. I am trying to learn from his make a goal - accomplish it! way of life. He is so good with his hands and like my mom is definitely a spiritual giant! They know so much and I love that they will teach me anything! :) I love him! :)

Oh my big brother! Cody has always been there for me - from the time he cut my pony tail off to when we danced around with underwear on our heads to now. He shares his struggles with me and I share mine with him and together we work it out and feel better. He never hesitates to ask for help and I have learned that it's ok to do so now. He is an amazing individual and I love him lots! :)
:) That's all I feel is adequate . . . well maybe a bigger smile would be but still. She is so wonderful! She has so many talents and is willing to share them. She is always there to talk to and I LOVE our late night talks when I go home or even the few we have on the phone. She is strong, she is beautiful, she is smart, and she is not willing to let herself think anything else and I love it and I love her! :)
Oh boy, Adam . . . he is hilarious! I love this kid! Who else tells his sister on the phone that he wanted to raise his hand in class and ask, "Who in here thinks I am hotter than hot chocolate?" He just teaches me to love and be patient and that arguing can be fun. Haha, life without him would be VERY incomplete! Adam I love you!

The beautiful baby of the family! She is so sweet. She is the one that I laugh with a lot . . . I have some very random videos of us playing with our food . . . it's a great pastime especially when the other person has a laugh like hers! She is beautiful and loves life. I love her!

(I feel bad I don't have individual pictures of everyone with me)

Man . . . aren't I blessed? And guess what . . . the best part is that we are FOREVER!

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Katie said...

Oh heidi! I am sorry your milk was sour and you fell. YUCK! But I Am glad you are still having a good day! I hope your entire weekend is awesome, and good luck on that test!