Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some things in life are just flat out
associated with happiness:

Here is one of them.
I am so excited 
and EVERY time I watch that there trailer
I can't help but be happy 
due to the thoughts it brings of my
BeSt FrIeNdS!

On other notes I am currently fixated on these two songs.

Thanks Elise and Whitney.

Waffles Anyone?

One day I got a text from Cody about this:

Yes that is a waffle in Mrs. Statue's hand.
Bravo whoever helped make my day - bravo.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I find that everyone around me is embracing Thanksgiving with thankful posts.

I LOVE this because you know what?
I love being grateful and seeing how much I enjoy that others do too
and reexamining what I should be thankful for.

The past month I have realized how grateful I am for my health
(when you don't have it you remember how great it was)
laughing, the ability to sing, the gospel, my friends . . .

Anyway what I really want to say I am grateful for is BEAUTY.
Not the movie star kind because that wears off.
But the beauty I see everyday.

I wish I could post pictures of it all but that would be a VERY long post,
because I am surrounded by it - it's everywhere.

I see it everyday in my friends.

My family.

And in nature.

I realize it's fall and this should be colorful but oh well.

And I hear it in music.

So it ends up I didn't much put pictures up BUT
If you are reading this go and look in the mirror and see what I am talking about -
I promise you will see it. (If not let me know and I will show you).

I have so much more my mind is going crazy wanting to say but to wrap it up:

Thanks for being the beauty in my life.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pick-Me Ups.

We all need 'em.
Here are some of mine from this week.

Even with that awesome smile,
this picture makes me HAPPY!
Then there is this new song. I'm lovin' it.

My friend Cheryl found which episode some of my favorite quotes are in from Psych.

Finally my roommate Kendra showed me this:
I laughed SO hard. It's phenomenal.

Monday, November 1, 2010


DAY 1:

Of a Zombie Apocalypse at USU started out as any other day:

Well except it didn't and I'll tell you three reasons why:
1. I had to start the day off finding my bandanna for the game telling people I was human as I picked it up from my friend Cyri the night before and then it was gone . . . 
2. I lost my phone.
3. There were zombies (no big deal).

So I was perfectly content being a human,
 (actually more than content)
and I had to go and sign a waiver 
(meaning go ACROSS campus which meant
I was making myself more vulnerable to a zombie attack).
On my way back to work I saw two zombies come out of their apartment
Unsure of whether they had seen me or not I walked faster and plotted crossing the street.
Then lo and behold there were two zombies crossing the street.
THEY saw me.
So I ran. And grabbed the nearest building's door handle just in time to be safe
(because it makes me safe to do so)
and THEN the door was locked.

They gave me a 5 second head start to try and get away 
and I almost did but I made a fatal mistake
and veered towards work rather than the other door at Edith Bowen.
This is about where I became:

p.s. I am not listed as a zombie here yet . . . 
does that mean that I am not one?
p.p.s. I FOUND my phone.

Paper Bags?

Yes please!
For All Hallow's Eve Eve I was The Paper Bag Princess
Don't know what that is?
You should check it out.

And I got to hang out with cool people like Medusa, Alice, and a Cavewoman.
Along with J-lo, Adam Lambert, THE Pink PowerRanger, 
A Brit, A married person, A hippie, Lewis Robinson,
Voldemort, and some cowboys.

It was a great evening.

More photos might appear as I get them from my roomies.


Paranoia. . . . 
Yup I think this is what paranoia feels like . . .

Walking around completely unsure of everyone around me,
suspicious of even my friends,
hoping someone isn't coming up behind me.
My eyes are shifty and all is NOT well.
Is someone following me I constantly think?

All I have to protect myself is my natural flight ability
and some socks to help in the fight ability.
Perhaps there are others around that may use their guns in my defense
but I can't be sure. . .  I can't even be sure who is on my side.

p.s. Want to know what in the world I am talking about? 
Go here. (I too am writing from the same closet)

p.p.s. I lost my phone today. And my bandanna yesterday. Either the grassy area outside of Rich Hall on campus is a vortex that sucks all my stuff in or it's going to be a rough week.

"Hurry home phone . . . there are *HUMANS out there."

*would have been the word ZOMBIES 1/2 hour ago - stay tuned for the story.