Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I like it.
This past weekend was phenomenal.
In fact I'm beginning to truly love weekends so much.

I went to the Institute and caught up with a few friends,
Read me some Rumplestilskin (so much fun to read) with Shayna and Michelle,
and immersed myself in "A Beautiful Mind."

Cody, Robin, Blake, and I enjoyed some horse racing greatness
I accomplished some homework,
went to the store for ice cream and libations,
and hosted some of my favorite people in the world for some rambunctious fun and stories, including that of cereal being lost in outer space and about to be cooked by the sun,  
and some mental disorders.

I loved church,
enjoyed a delicious burger just up the hill, 
watched winnie the pooh (I am so excited for more this summer),
talked about life while eating microwave cake 
was informed "Everything has water in it. Even you."
had a friend drop by, 
watched the end of winnie the pooh after eating a delicious dinner, 
basked in my friendships, 
dropped by game night below to say hello.

So far the rest of this week hasn't been too bad . . .
plus it felt like Spring yesterday - glorious!
Now if I could just get all that reading done.

p.s. Raquel best be happy it snowed for her birthday - it's why I allowed it to. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Motel of Mysteries

If you recall I mentioned reading books at my friend and roommmate Ashley's. Basically it was great (disclaimer you may need to be with the right people or in the right mood but I found it hilarious). It's a book in which the world ended in 1985 (it was written before that . . . you think they would have picked later into the future for that to happen) and how people view it 2000 years later. FUNNY. But it also goes to show we really don't know that much about what we have discovered (say like the Egyptians).

Yesterday I found a link to the book. If you have time and want to - enjoy.

See if you can find that among the images. Sort of off. No big deal.

p.s. also watch out for some phrases to add to your everyday life like "small but totally inadequate" and "Unimpressed and rather annoyed at the inconvenience."

Monday, January 10, 2011

A letter.

Dear School,

You are looking like you are going to be hard. With lots of work and lots of running across campus in the cold (an early spring would be lovely this year). But you know what? You and your 20 credits will be completed. Yup. I can do it because I believe I can . . .


p.s. especially if I take it one day at a time as Elder Christofferson said last night and perhaps with a little of this attitude and a bunch of this.

I'm Ready.

Today I found this while going through my 600 something e-mails and deleting a BUNCH.
It felt good to be "organizing" and "cleaning" even if it wasn't my life
It made me happy. 
p.s. I noticed it's missing a lot of people. . .

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Delicious Moments (1)

I really have written and re-written this blog out.
And meant to post it multiple times too.
Oh life and break. . .
Here are some things that can give you a few ideas about 
the delicious moments in my life right now.
(I've decided to call them delicious things in life
because I love that moment when I taste something 
and it's so good I never forget it, 
so this year that's what you get - delicious moments.)
My family. I love each and every one of them and LOVED the time home.
Shayna made apple pie in jars. It tasted yummy. I like simple beauties.
Shayna also made me chicken noodle soup. Yum.

I got to spend an evening with Katie. We have resolved to do this much more as it's wonderful.
Ashley took me home. :) I loved staying up late and reading kids books - this book is hilarious.
After never trying to read these I really wanted to and am almost done with the series! I am loving them and hope to always be like Lucy and call out for help from the right source when a  moment for faith comes.
Natalie and I had Tandoori Oven after a walk and before a movie.
Cody was a great big brother and shared pizza with me after running errands. :) Papa Johns larges are only $10 up until the Superbowl. YUM!
My mom spent a lot of time with me to make an apron of my own (I will post a picture of mine later as I am too lazy to take one now) and I love it.
I've NEVER been one to stay in pajamas all day unless I was sick. Over break I did it and I loved it. Wow. Who knew how good it felt to really let go and relax?
There are so many more delicious things in my life but there are few.

Monday, January 3, 2011

If you can't tell . . .

. . .from the lemonade header
and the blue sky and grass background . . .

I am missing summer today.

Don't worry though!
I am not already wishing away the new year as I am quite enjoying it so far.
I am excited for it all to occur
and while the blog transformation is in progress - it'll probably change,
so you might not also miss summer.
For today though . . . it's doing it's job.