Thursday, July 28, 2011

epitome of happiness

Today was rough.
This week actually has been rough
but it's ok because there is this things called a cell phone that I have,
and it allows me to call my mom and ball my eyes out for awhile...
then life is happy again and the future isn't quite so bleak anymore.
And THEN your roommate finds this:
big fat smile!

p.s. I have no words to describe how much I love the divinity of peaches and cream. YUM!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

To lose few people who read my blog
Sorry for my absence.
I've been playing, 
but I have also been slacking.

But I shall catch you up quickly NOW:
I have probably been overdosing on these lovely things:
Thanks Aunt Robin and Uncle Blake for letting us raid your patch.
Here is a picture from the earlier "letterized" Beach Boys experience
Ashley, me, and Shayna excited to be there.
Firework boats were made and sent down a nice little. . ."stream"
The launch
I got to take off to Bear Lake with the Savage Tribe and I loved every minute of the lake, butterflies, cabins, food, fun, and mostly the people. I love my family so much!
Bocce Ball - I missed the game as I sat on the dock by a Jet Ski
we couldn't use in the stormy winds
Now that's what I call service
I love butterflies AND this beautiful girl! :)
Candy Bar Game. :)
Hooray for shakes and my mini-twin. :)
Grandpa and the girls in the Hot Tub... I love that Grandma made it into this photo too.

:) p.s. it was also my mom's birthday this month*
(p.s. other cameras were utilized so I didn't end up with very many photos
and I will be posting my butterfly holding photos)

Before that adventure Grandpa took us to dinner with the same tribe and two six-year-olds took some great photos.
Best of friends
After the big adventure I got to attend the zoo with one of my best friends 
for one of my favorite men's birthdays (despite all of our fights)
I love Australia.
Hooray birthday boy #1
I ate delicious Caspers with the sister group. :)

And I have been on many a walks.

To top off the last bit of this summer update of life Shayna, Michelle and I took off
to Bear Lake where we had a wondrous photo shot...
photos will appear someday.
(Caspers is out next stop on photo shoot locations)

* Happy birthday to this gorgeous lady below:
Thanks for EVERYTHING you do for me. For listening. For advice. For letting me listen. For knowledge. For you example. For your faith. For your strength. For your fun. For your relaxed attitude. For your love and the example of it. For your joy. For your peace. For being beautiful and so much more. I love you most!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Next Curie, Noether, or Meitner

This was posted on Facebook today and I kind of liked it:
"You don't become great by trying to be great.
You become great by wanting to do something,
and then doing it so hard that you become great in the process."

Love that part.
Don't try to be the "next great" (they are indeed greats)
Be you, by finding something you love, and doing it.

"I Got You"

I love the days that are really hard,
that make you see where you need to change,
what you need to do to be better
(well I am working on loving them anyway) . . .

But I love them even more when the days come that are filled with JOY
And gratitude
and just plain happy.
(days like today even though I am at work all day long - p.s. this weekend helped)

And I love the things that make life happy.
I'll catch you up on some of the events and people later
but as for now here is some SYTYCD to catch up on yourself
(you don't need to watch all of them . . .
but DO for sure watch the second to last one of the "professionals" ...
and melanie and marko):

Melanie and Marko (I am loving them):

Turn to Stone

I Got You

Sasha and Alexander

Coming Home


Clarice and Jesse


Fly Me to the Moon

Tadd and Jordan

Fade into Me

Ashley and Chris

Please Mr. Jailor

Mitchell and Caitlyn

Turning Tables - Adele

Ricky and Ryan

With Every Heartbeat

And this special number by Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian

Wow they are phenomenal.

I really love all the dancers but definitely some more than others.
What do you think? Did I miss any great ones?

p.s. I miss these two.