Thursday, December 13, 2012

Of Randomness and Happiness

So... it's been a while.
And while I've thought of writing,
typed of many a posts,
and whatnot,
I've just not wanted to blog.

Today though I really want to share things.
This post will be random.
And it will also be awesome.

Over Thanksgiving break one night my brother opened the front door to our "Far Far Away" home and informed us that it was either raining or freezing. Confused yet intrigued I went to the door. Sure enough it sounded like a light sprinkle of rain.... BUT there wasn't rain... we could literally hear it freezing! AH! So cool. Then I went back to L-town and although "small" to the world, it's certainly not quiet.

Speaking of things freezing... I mean Jack Frost. I have an announcement. I might be in love with him. Basically you probably will be too. If you go and see this movie. It's perfect and leaves you feeling happy and cheerful. The characters are well-developed to me and the story and random ideas are super. Watch it and see what baby teeth have to do with anything.

 Life is up and down all the time. Craziness I think. Work has it's good days and bad days. Sometimes I feel just like Mr. John (because this basically happens):

But blessings come in many different forms and you can think you had a perfect day when one Sunday you woke up, went to church, met new people, spent the day at your sister's empty apartment doing just what YOU want, going to ward prayer, and ending the night with a hot cocoa party where you meet even MORE new people...  and then you find that day continues into the next day when one of your besties gets you a free ticket to a concert and you get to have dinner with her after leaving early because sometimes even a SUPERB Christmas concert can't stop the hunger you feel (because your planned meal fell through), and then you get to spend hours looking at Christmas lights and talking about life. THEN the next day you get to serve a good friend, go shopping for just what you already know you are buying for yourself, eat tacos, watch a great movie, and just be happy.... THEN the next day you have a pizza party at your sisters, spend time with her and her awesome roommies (and ward sisters), watch a beautiful movie, make christmas gifts, and just feel lighthearted and happy.

Yup. My week's been pretty good.

Also I love this time of year. It's beautiful. The trees. The lights. The believing. The joy of children. The people's faces. The celebration of the Savior's birth. And the knowledge of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, my Savior, Redeemer, and Elder Brother. Holy cow, things happen in a strange way sometimes but isn't it fantastic? I mean I NEVER thought I would experience a broken heart through a friendship tie being disturbed (secrets only destroy people, even if you don't mean them to - it's just what they do), but it happened. I'd felt SO broken for a while, but this did it and I truly felt great pain. So with an escape from my apartment to sit by the temple and just cry and pray I felt my Heavenly Father and my Savior's love for me and the BEAUTIFUL healing power of the Atonement. Beautiful - the best word I have to describe it. I cried and prayed and listened to beautiful music for an hour or so just letting myself be healed. I then went and bought myself something I never really thought I would - something small, but something to create things, something I've never been "good at." Then I went and visited two other friends. One my long lost cousin Elise and I chatted about life and decisions and being a "grown-up" but not yet being what we want to be when we "grow up" (a mom) and having to find other things to somewhat pretend we want to do. Yup. Then I got to visit my dear friend April and catch up on life and watch a little Narnia. And I can honestly say that when both friends asked my how I was and I said good - it was true - it's amazing how the pain can really just fade with love. I tell you what one heartbreak can't even amount to the beauty of friendship. I have the best friends in the universe and no one can convince me otherwise. Even when I don't see them often, I can feel the blessings and relish the memories.

Sorry that was SO long. I hate reading lots of words like that. Oops.

Merry Christmas to all of you though!