Friday, September 30, 2011

friday happy list

Today I am happy because...
This weekend is General Conference :D
Hearing from good friends
and the happy texts some send to do so
and the good news in their lives
Good old Hollywood films namely Arsenic and Old Lace
Physique 57
e-mail replies helping to sort out life just a little bit more

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ode To My Home States

Ok so I am not really an ode writer BUT I do like Ellen,
and recently my home states of Utah and Idaho have been featured on that very show,
So here are the clips because I like my states....

Because I know *people like these who would do anything to help others....

and even though we may look like terrible drivers with hilarious weather....

Have I ever mentioned how much I love where I come from?

*If you didn't hear/see the original story check out my sisters blog here as it clears up the mistakes that the national media made in telling the story as well as showing you the clip.

Friday, September 23, 2011

friday happy list

It appears these are the only posts that actually get written out and posted...
Someday you may hear about my thoughts and life again.
Until then, today I am happy because...

a cute little girl
two late night phone calls with my little sister - one including me being half awake the whole time and the other was mostly about riddles
tomorrow night being my last day of working at the Drive-In (on to figuring real life out)
getting to see lots of friends tonight due to two other friends getting married
getting to wear shorts
having air conditioning (even if it's too cold in the house)
peaches and cream (love)
beautiful fall weather in hometown Idaho

Friday, September 16, 2011

friday happy list

Oops! I am behind quite a bit but I promise I've been happy. :)
And today I'm gonna do the list different as I am in Hyrum, UT
... still.
A tally of good and bad and the good... MAKE me SO happy!

driving to Logan for a job interview (I really wanted it) +1
finding out the next day I didn't get the job -1
Getting to see my best friend Michelle, Drea, Shayna, and Cody in one day +1
Filling the car up with gas -1
Shopping for fun things for gifts to others +1
Spending time with my grandparents +1
PARADE of HOMES with Ashley (best thing ever - pictures to come) +1
Seeing Natalie on the side of the road and getting to go to dinner with her at Tandoori Oven for picker her up +1
Driving home and having the car stall on the freeway -1
Being super close to an exit ramp and making it down to a gas station +1
Having a grandpa and uncle willing to come and get me when stranded at night (2nd time for Roy) +1
Not getting to go home -1
Spending more time at Grandma and Grandpas +1
Becoming the apparently designated fixer of family cars when on the road -1 (Note me fixing the van a few times in the past month. . .But I am learning a lot of things.)
Knowing the car can be fixed +1

Having a happy friday... :D

I think in life the positive almost ALWAYS outweigh the negatives just as above (10:4) and I am truly so grateful for my good friends and family for all they do and all the are...

And I am sad I didn't get to see everyone in Logan or even contact them... but next time? :)