Monday, March 16, 2009

Teeth and Old Sweethearts

So last week was Spring Break and I loved every second of it . . . even when I broke a tooth . . .oops! I will tell the whole Spring Break story later but for now I will just let you all know that when you are eating Sweethearts in March make sure you don't bite them at the wrong angle because I can figure that happened in my mouth is I did (Hope that makes sense). But anyway I broke a tooth and had to schedule the dentist into my life. It didn't hurt really except it was sharp and didn't get along with my tongue. BUT once at the dentist there was 15 minutes from walking into the office to walking out and NO numbing (I hear it is worse than the pain . . . which I didn't have any of) :) And in honor of this great dentist story, here is a great after the dentist video.

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Katie said...

Love, love LOVE this video! Saw it for the first time last week and laughed like crazy!

When I saw that the title said old sweethearts, I thought you meant an old boyfriend! hehehe, the disappointment!