Friday, November 6, 2009


So I DID experience all four seasons within one week and will be posting pictures of the last event soon. I really enjoyed embracing all sorts of weather and one thing people experience during each of the seasons! LOVED it!

Also I am sitting here at work. I wrote a lot of my O-chem lab report but could not bring myself to finish it.
So I tried for studying Physics and I realized I am SO burned out? Why is a question I don't know - I really need to find something to refocus and revamp me (I mean I have finals and then another semester coming quick). Any ideas?


RoyZGirlz said...

Ice skate

LadyLenore said...


Butterfly S'Mo'eS said...

Paint! It relaxes you especially when you are just painting for fun. At wildhorse we had a big piece of paper, traced our hands, legs, heads, feet elbows etc and then painted them with no space touching the same color. They all had to be different colors. It was really fun and relaxing. As long as you are doing some form of art and it feels good doing it, you are doing it right. Being creative is equal to the effects of drugs.