Saturday, February 13, 2010


YES! I am caught up . . . I think.
This week I really needed to get away and just sit and think
this didn't really happen but I did get a little getaway
Thursday night when I should have been studying.
Anyway my roommate Alaura and I drove up to the dam
We went to second dam first and then freaked ourselves out
super fast we went to first dam.
Here we just enjoyed the noises
of the water, ducks, and each other's company.
We then took some pictures
and then with random turns went to River Heights
and took more pictures.
Here are the results.
It was good time,
AND my tests turned out ok afterall.
We found a dinosaur track - YES!
Think. think. think.
Alaura pondering.
And this is seriously a favorite of mine.
I am not sure what my face is doing but I love
the overall look of this photo. Superb.

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