Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Those Little Things Once Again

So this past weekend was a blast for me.
I stayed up later than I should have but I think it was worth it.
I also enjoyed the following.
Yup. Pillows. But not just them sitting there.
Within the past few days I have had several pillow fights.
Pillow talk, normal conversations,
late night conversations,
conversations are all my favorite.

Remember when you were little?
And the big toy on the playground was a pirate ship?
I did that Monday . . . WITH people.
And before that look what we did.
Yup we received underdogs (underdoggies)
*Thanks Cyri
These are terrifying nowadays bytheway.
And had a jumping out of the swing competition.
(Some of ours really landed like he looks like he is going to).

I am telling you I have the BEST friends.


In my search for those pictures I found these
and I love them too much not to include them.
This one inspired me a little details to come hopefully.

Oh! And I was also told this:
"A butterfly can never be appreciated
if it never comes out of it's cocoon."

I am working on that now.

Life = Large amounts of BLISS

OH! Sorry one last thing.
Sunday this man:
Yup! Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve
shook my hand and I got to hold the door
for him and his beautiful wife as they left church.

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morgan.elizabeth said...

hey! he CAME to my sacrament meeting!! :) and I got to shake his hand too! SO COOL