Friday, September 16, 2011

friday happy list

Oops! I am behind quite a bit but I promise I've been happy. :)
And today I'm gonna do the list different as I am in Hyrum, UT
... still.
A tally of good and bad and the good... MAKE me SO happy!

driving to Logan for a job interview (I really wanted it) +1
finding out the next day I didn't get the job -1
Getting to see my best friend Michelle, Drea, Shayna, and Cody in one day +1
Filling the car up with gas -1
Shopping for fun things for gifts to others +1
Spending time with my grandparents +1
PARADE of HOMES with Ashley (best thing ever - pictures to come) +1
Seeing Natalie on the side of the road and getting to go to dinner with her at Tandoori Oven for picker her up +1
Driving home and having the car stall on the freeway -1
Being super close to an exit ramp and making it down to a gas station +1
Having a grandpa and uncle willing to come and get me when stranded at night (2nd time for Roy) +1
Not getting to go home -1
Spending more time at Grandma and Grandpas +1
Becoming the apparently designated fixer of family cars when on the road -1 (Note me fixing the van a few times in the past month. . .But I am learning a lot of things.)
Knowing the car can be fixed +1

Having a happy friday... :D

I think in life the positive almost ALWAYS outweigh the negatives just as above (10:4) and I am truly so grateful for my good friends and family for all they do and all the are...

And I am sad I didn't get to see everyone in Logan or even contact them... but next time? :)

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