Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wondrous Weekend

Well this past weekend was a good one. My best friend Stephanie came up from Pocatello and stayed with me. Friday night we sang some sing star and watched phenomenon along with finding my oh so needed new tennis shoes! :D Hooray!

Saturday I had to work 7 hours in the morning . . . Alisa rescued me 15 minutes early. I went home with Steph and we ate some lunch then went and watched my cousin Daniel in the marching band competition at the stadium . . . man, I LOVE marching bands, especially the drums that sound all cool! Wow! :D
Yeah he doesn't look much like a band member in my opinion but whatever. (P.S. This was not at the competition)
This is us at the marching band competition! :D

Then we just played the rest of the weekend. Rollo Cookies, Rock Star, Beauty and the Beast, Church, RS broadcast, Enchanted, Laughter, and pictures.

My mom was not so thrilled about this as she told me never to kiss the frog . . . and I did! Just FYI I am still princeless even after kissing this frog.

And this is just what late night and random face making abilities can do for you!

Oh this is my friend Natalie whom I love. This picture was taken at my other friend Whitney's birthday party! :D Hooray for birthdays! But I wanted to tell the story of my lot flip-flop on here . . .the other day Natalie and I were walking and talking and we decided to sit down by the canal. While talking I suddenly felt something hit the side of my leg. I went "Oh! What was that." After looking for a minute I decided it was something without consequence. Then Natalie went, "Look a mouse." My eyes literally got super wide as I said "That hit me in the leg!" :D Natalie looked at me and said, "Well I am getting up." I agreed and as I was pulling my foot through the railing, my flip-flop heel hit the side of the bridge wall and plop it just joined the mouse in the water. I raced to go and get it but decided not to get wet . . . after all it was one piece of a $3 flip flops and so I didn't care. So yeah someone found a nice pink flip flop and perhaps saw the mouse a little while down the canal. Good times!

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