Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Good Few Days

Wow the last few days have just been really good! Thursday the 11th I went to class and work and then got to go and hang out with my dear friend Natalie! :D We just walked around and talked AND got Coldstone . . .how much better can it get. I love just being! I was able to just relax and be crazy and everything we did was spontaneous and enjoyable! :D We spent the last little while of our night just laying on the church lawn and talking. I love talking! Then we went back to her house for a little bit longer and I got to see Katie and Whitney . . . man that was a good night!

Then yesterday dear sweet Friday was National Chocolate Milkshake Day, so of course I had to go and celebrate! Once again it was with Natalie! :D We walked to the mall, had a milkshake, and once again talked. Then we checked out Claires. Once we were back at my apartment I got ready for my outing and she received a text from her dad. It was the BEST, it was just a voice saying "let me out, I'm stuck in your pocket!" Yeah great. I walked Natalie home so I could "wake up" and she would not fall asleep on her way (yeah we were tired). Then I headed up to Grace Idaho with my friend Cyri to watch her brother play football (yes I went to a random high school football game in small town Idaho and yes I thought it was fun). So here is a little bit of a piece of National Chocolate Milkshake Day . . . . if you missed it ya know! ;)

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