Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Break

Well first off I was walking around campus yesterday and noticed that a lot of the trees are missing their leaves . . . I then realized that I haven't really even noticed that the leaves have change colors! AGHH! What have I been doing?!?!?

Anyway so last week was Fall Break, my mom drove down and picked me up and then took me to Idaho Falls to get some of my appointments out of the way . . . I am still, after almost 20 years, cavity FREE! :D I also picked up some more contacts as the only pair I had left had been in my eye when I received a sty in my eye. :P (that was just a fantastic week let me tell ya but it was better by this point). Then I went home. I, of course, spent most of the break just loungin' and hanging out. Friday I went and took my phone in for evaluation . .. turns out just a spring is loose so they just sent it in. The ladies that work in that office are hilarious and I love them to death. Then I went up to my best friend Stephanie's house and hung out with her and her parents and had THE BEST CAKE EVER (It is that better-than cake doctored by Cathy, Mmmm)! Following that it was Butte County High School's Homecoming so Steph and I went to that. Then we hung out until the game. At the game, my friends from high school showed up! So it was fun to get to see and hang out with them.
Once the game was over there was the bonfire! So Stephanie and I headed over to that with Tate, Shayna, Amanda, Brock, and Jordan . . . so much fun! Here are a couple more pictures. . .

Stephanie in front of the bonfire!
Brock, Shayna, Shayna, and Jordan
Stephanie and I at the fire!
Shayna, Amanda, and Shayna
Me, Tate, and Steph . . . yes Tate is putting his finger in Stephanie's ear which almost gave us a very different picture! ;)

The rest of the weekend was just fun, we have movie marathons and cooking fun and I just LOVED it . . . I didn't want to come back to Logan! :/ Oh and Saturday my little sister went to Homecoming . . .I helped her get ready a little and she just looked GORGEOUS! So leaving was hard . . . just all those mixed emotions! :D I hope you all had just as great of a break as I did! :DI figured my little brother could be shown somewhere in the pictures because he pretty much is hilarious and had a lot to do with my weekend thinking he could beat me at pretty much anything as young teenage boys do . . . I totally won in arm wrestling! :D

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