Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hot Tubs and Christmas Music

First off I do I want to say that I KNOW it is only October . . . hello October is one of the best months ever (besides the face that the cold starts sneaking in). Anyway though Monday night after FHE my roommates, Kendra, Kristi, Ashley, Tiff, and I all went out to the hot tub. We had brought Christmas up earlier in the day and with that came Christmas Music . . . so we brought along Tiff's cd player and a Christmas cd and sat in the hot tub while the music played . . . we got some people walking by that loved us and other that were thinking we were confused and even a Mr. Scrouge/Grinch kind of guy. All in all it was super fun! :D

Last night I also played in the pool and hot tub, this time with my friend Natalie. After wards we put post-its on our friend Ian's car to tink him . . . tink: the sound a pebble makes when hitting a window (The post-its had TINK written on them). I don't know his reaction to having post-its all over his windshields but we included an "I Love You" to hopefully keep him lighthearted.

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