Sunday, May 31, 2009


So my life has been so good lately. I am truly blessed with the best of the best people in my life and I am loving it! Thanks! :) Yesterday I was given the opportunity to go to the movie UP with my friends Cyri, Erika, and Katheryn. It was sold out for the showing that we wanted to get to but we decided to grab tickets to the next showing and chill for a little bit. Erika and Kathryn had things to do but Cyri and I went to a park and got to just relax and catch up! I loved it and the people across the stream from us were also an amusing sight to watch. After the movie we went and got ice cream and my friend Will ended up stopping and visiting Logan so it was nice.
Back to the movie though! I was not disappointed at all. I think if you don't tear up at least once you should probably get some help to be more emotional . . . if you haven't heard about it look up the trailer (all youtube's ones have been disabled from being posted elsewhere) and ENJOY! The story is one of an old man who lost his wife and wants to fulfill the adventure that he promised her he would take her on when they were kids and it's thwarted a little by a Wildness Explorer, "snipe", talking dogs, and the old mans lifelong hero - hope I didn't give too much away! :)

I truly love it!

Also I came upon this song the other day and really like it. I think that it truly captures life as we all have people who would help us through anything and we need to turn to them sometimes! :)

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Katie said...

I'm glad that life is going so well for you right now! That is always so nice, especially during the summer :-)

I wasn't planning on Seeing UP soon, but now I may have to!