Saturday, January 23, 2010


The other day my friend Jackie and I
decided to get a fh'zookie from Firehouse
just like we had tried to do over Christmas break wAlign Centerhen they were closed
(this does not work, in case you were wondering).

So we tried again.
This time I am pretty sure they were open.
We left at 8:30.
Then at the intersection of 3rd and Main
her card stopped, dead.
We called her friend Mike
(who was in my Man of La Mancha post . . . different story there)
and after some nice people helped us get the car off the road
He rescued us.
But we decided we still wanted a treat
Firehouse was NOW closed.
So we went to Coldstone.
Her friend Derek joined us.
This was SUPER because I saw my friend Andra.
Good adventure I think.
And one day . . . . we WILL get that fh'zookie.

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Jackie Rogers said...

Speaking of which, can we try this week? I think it is worth another try. :)