Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Frosted Trees and Tacos

Last Friday some friends and I had a run to the store for a few things . . . including stuff for strawberry shortcake! YUM!
Then Saturday I got to go home with my friends Erika.
It was frosty in Logan again,
so we stopped to take pictures.
The weekend was amazing at home.
I L-O-V-E my family.
Both those picture are back at Easter last year . . .
if you didn't notice check out my hair.
OH! And my mom cut it again when I was home! :)
She's amazing.

The ride back was super. I love my friends.
Together Erika and I picked up Taco Time in McCammon
and due to her superb ordering skills,
we ate about 1 lbs of hamburger between the two of us.
AND the lights on the ordering board were out. :)
We had some great conversations
AND saw an owl carry some small animal (rabbit?)
off to eat it . . .
I tried to get a picture but my camera didn't like the dark.

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