Thursday, October 21, 2010

This Week but Mostly Today

It's been rough this week has.
Ups and downs and pain and no smiling or laughing
However my roommates did a great job of laughing for me.
When needed Alaura would say, "Heidi would laugh if she could. Oh I'll laugh for her - haha."

I have learned that all pain medications are NOT equal.
And neither are foods.
For instance it's a huge difference if all you can eat is this:
I can't wait until I can eat a salad like that again!
On a happy note: I ate almost two scrambled eggs
and a piece of toast just now.
You probably shouldn't assume you will be a quick recoverer from wisdom teeth extraction as I did. .  . especially if you have three tests the following week.

But you know what?
As I walked home from my test and then got on the computer to be updated in the world I came across this blog post which then led me to this one and it made me happy.

I just LOVE her list of random things.
After all those things really are what make life happy.
Her stories make my heart smile.
And I hope it made yours too. :)

p.s. Let me again mention how AWESOME my friends and family and co-workers and boss are.
I tried the work thing this week for one hour: they covered the rest.
Michelle came and visited.
Scott brought me applesauce to eat.
Erika brought me class updates.
Necia has really been visiting Alaura but she brings happiness with her.
My roomies have all been amazing. Driving me around, getting me food and medicines and making me comfy as I could be. :)
And my family has checked on me lots. Both Cody and Shayna visited and helped me. Mom calls daily and I know my Dad loves me. Adam and Amberly are just wondrous little siblings.

I am SO blessed.
Thanks guys!

p.p.s. I also found this video today.
I think it shows true happy love and it also makes me smile.

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elise said...

Number 1, I love that you love BBL and I love that you started following i believe in unicorns. You're like 4 away from me in the follower list. We are THE coolest.
Number 2, I love applesauce, but I think I would not love eating that and only that every day.
Number 3, I love you, long lost cousin!