Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Do YOU believe in magic?
This song was just kind of a today's song.

Also do you know what is the best?

All of the BESTS in my life.

I have some of the best roommates EVER.
(obviously not all pictured but there is Ash and Kend)
It's time to get a full out roommate photo.

BEST friends EVER.
See above photo PLUS: 

BEST family (I will duel you if I must to defend that):

And my sister is the BEST.
She lets me vent and laugh and all sorts of stuff with her.
(p.s. my brothers are awesome too I just didn't have time to find pictures of them with me)
Also my extended family rocks my socks.
That doesn't even seem to cover it.
There are definitely ups and downs in life always but  . . .

I am spoiled. . .
in the best way possible.

p.p.s. based on this I think I need to take some more photos.


Kendra said...

i challenge you to a duel!

but really i love all these people in these pictures! you are awesome. thanks for being the best. and for making my bed. love you hyde!

Katie said...

Hooray for BESTS!!

I am so in for a freezing cold hike. Saturday? Hot cocoa afterwards sounds like a perfect step towards getting out of a funk!