Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the Words of James Brown

"I'm back!"
(beware this is an extremely long post)

Wow. The past few weeks have been insane.
Finals was . . . insane in a bad way 
BUT I am glad to say that I have officially graduated from college. . . 
Now what?
I guess anything is possible.
Find a dream and follow it!?!

Literally Right after my last final I ran out and hopped in a truck 
which whisked me away from the troubles and worries that finals left me with.
I was tired and the week of craziness taught me a lot about myself.

I hopped on an airplane or two and jumped aboard a cruise ship which took me to foreign lands and I learned the following:
1. I love the sun more than I thought.
Except when this happens BUT this rag thing really worked so all was well. :)
2. This book is unbelievably amazing.

3. Inadvertently playing a continuous game of  MadGab makes for a lot of inside jokes and even more laughs.

4. So does the fishbowl effect on some cameras.

That's priceless stuff right there.
 5. And pouring vinegar from the buffet line on your sunburns to take the heat out.
6. The water is beautiful in Cozumel, Mexico.
 7. Celebrity look-a-likes hang in the same places I went.
We found Waldo!
A little Dr. Phil?
Johnny Depp anyone?
8. Ziplining is fun (especially through the rain forest).

9. Coasta Rica bus drivers are fearless but sometimes their roads help them get stuck after rain.
Went right off the road and couldn't get out. Oops.
10. Ports can be somewhat boring places when you have a lot of time to kill - so you just take pictures.
 11. People might just pretend their cars are taxis to make money and the nearest beach may be 10 minutes away by car but you can sit by the ocean by walking three.
12. Bus drivers in Panama are insane (as the traffic is too). You know you're lucky when they say, "Don't worry. We have the best driver in the tour, his average is one accident a month and his last one was three weeks ago so we are safe."

13. That same bus driver sees a sloth HIGH in the trees and backs the bus up while on the road so those on the bus (who are late back to the port) can see it.
14. Cashew nuts come from a fruit. 

15. The Panama Canal is C-O-O-L. Cool. Period. The end.
They let us touch the walls.
The gates closing behind us. :)
16. Seeing dolphins out your dining room window is a great gift to someone for Mother's Day.

17. Friends can be made in days and just through interacting around food. Also when you say thank you, hearing my pleasure in return is happy.
Our waiters and waitress.
Love them!
18. Grandpa's can be hilarious, birthday songs can be more fun than you think they can, and watching Grandma and Grandpa together is sweet.
19. I can say I have experienced a canceled, missed, and delayed flight within 24 hours. Airports aren't that fun of places after so long.

20. There's no place like home . . . too bad I didn't have one set up when I left.


I loved spending time with Shayna, BreAnna, Grandma, and Grandpa. 
That's where the treasure truly lies; the inside jokes we have, the memories we have together, and the songs we can't get out of our heads.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa ever so much!
p.s. as I found these pictures there are MORE so you will be hearing about this for a while or so. :) Happy Summer.


Cyri said...

Dear Hyde. D. Ann, I love you most. I'm so glad that your adventure was grand! You should call me and tell me all about them. :) Love you most!

Kendra said...

SO FUN!!! I loved reading all about it and want to hear more just like Cyri. Maybe we should just have a party where you can tell us everything and we can eat guacamole and wear aprons? I LOVE YOU!

Katie said...

1 - I am so insanely jealous!

2 - Cashews don't come from a fruit, but from the stem of the fruit. ;-) It confused me like crazy in Brazil. I really don't like cashew fruit. I think it tastes like stinky socks. (Though I LOVE the nut!)

3 - did you like Moonrakers? I want to hear all your thoughts!

4- Can we play soon? PLEASE? I miss your face!