Friday, May 6, 2011

Made it and Outta Here

I have survived the roughest finals week of my life!

(literally, it was tough . . . especially with all the papers, moving, and cleaning)

I also learned (remembered) a lot about myself like how incredibly cranky I get when I am stressed (oops, sorry callers of USU),

and that when I have to stop in the middle of the test to calculate whether or not I could pass the class if I literally bomb it, I probably should have studied more,

and how much I love and really appreciate friends who reach out when I "don't have time,"

and who provide things for me even I don't know I need,

and the beauty of spring really can make everything right for a bit,

and how incredibly, stinkin' blessed I am,

And now, I am (as far as I know) a college graduate!

(if anyone wants to hire me let me know . . . ;) just sayin')

Right now I am headed out to have an amazing adventure!
Pictures will follow soon!
p.s. I am LOVING life right now!

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