Friday, August 12, 2011

friday happy list

Today I am happy because...

my flat tire is fixed (again, but this time hopefully for good)
new shirts and a purse
lotion de l'paris.
The Shine's brilliant ideas
bagels and jamba
this song (old news but re-kindled)
my saturday and sunday excursion to the NOg area
thoughts of my upcoming trip to the state of NY and the road trip back
and this book (I recommend waiting to read it - the other two books aren't out yet!).


morgan.elizabeth said...

um, if you drive through Indiana, COME SEE ME!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) and I wish you luck. Logan to Indiana was loooooooong enough for me. Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming aren't super fun. Illinois actually isn't too bad. And then by the time I hit Indiana I was just SO stoked to get here!!!

farfaraway said...

oh my...with your day, how did you have time to write this. I sure love you.

elise said...

A- I'm waaaay jealous that you're in New York. B- I miss you way bad. C- You're my favorite.