Saturday, August 6, 2011

happy list

The cute Miss Aleisha over at the world through my eyes 
has this happy Friday tradition of writing up a little Friday happy list. 
Today is not Friday of course but I want to follow her in that endeavor.
I think I will also even pick Friday's 
BUT today I want to start so my first happy list will not be a Friday.
I'm also going to expand a lot today.

So what makes me happy today?
Cookie Monster cupcakes
Kisses (Of course here I am meaning the chocolate kind)
Swinging with people I love
Jenni and her conversations with a Polish boy over here 
(I'm so glad one particular conversation reminded my sister of me 
so she could share this happiness with me).
I laughed a ton at all the great things said and I may just want a Polish boyfriend now...
Lightning storms because oh my goodness Logan had a BEAU-tiful one the other night.
Mother Nature in general.
Job applications turned in to places I want to work
Friends - seeing old ones and making new ones! 
Plus the ones I see EVERYday. I have the BEST of all of them.
A sister who cleans while I'm out
Life being hard... and worth it.
Vacations: real and in my daydreams
Jane Austen. I watched Mansfield Park the other day and fell in love again. 
I also loved the following quotes:
“Is there anything to be done?” 
“Yes. Time can do almost anything.”

“I was so anxious to do what is right, that I forgot to do what is right.”

"It could have all turned out differently I suppose, but it didn’t."

Because they all seem to apply to real life so much. 
Time can do just about anything. 
Sometimes we miss the little prompting that could have made all the difference 
looking for something BIG and yes our decisions determine
the consequences we get but we can't change the choices we made... 
and yet life still works out.

Next time will be more listy.

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fezzik said...

I'm pretty sure Mansfield Park is my favorite Jane Austen movie. That's all.