Monday, November 28, 2011

Ireland: Part 1

Ready? Prepare for lots of words at first. Then some pictures. Any questions?

Day 1: This Thursday and Friday in my book as my trip really started on Thursday when my mom drove me down to Salt Lake and I went off on a plane to Chicago, but it's not a very exciting day. I had been told by several people that in Chicago people weren't friendly. I didn't find that to be the case - but they weren't very good at telling me the most important part of the directions. Luckily another lost man and I worked together for a moment and then I found almost where I needed to be.... After that apparently I looked slightly lost because a random man asked if I needed help - I was headed in the right direction but he confirmed it. I reached my terminal and just sat for while. Then I was on the almost 7 hour flight to Dublin (where I didn't sleep at all).

I arrived in Dublin and waited for my friend Maria to arrive. It was happy. We rode the bus into Dublin, got settled in a little, went grocery shopping, and got poured on (YES! Irish rain the first day). We then relaxed (but I wasn't allowed to sleep - this was a good plan as I didn't have much jet lag while there). Later we went to the church and met some of the YSA and picked up a crock pot for dinner the next day.

Day 2: This is where I actually have pictures.
Maria and I woke and met up with the bus to the Wicklow Mountains tour.
On the tour we stopped at The Black Lake:

Due to the rain the day before it wasn't as black in color as usual.
This land is privately owned. What?!?!
Man, I want to own a lake and valley in Ireland.

The next stop was the bridge featured in P.S. I Love You at Sally Gap
I loved the water.

We stopped at Glenmacnass Waterfall and enjoyed the valley there too.

Then we enjoyed time at Glendalough.
Pronounced Glen-da-lock
(they said things weird, or I guess maybe justspelled them weird)
The bridge.

The Monastic ruins (we struggled with saying that word)

 The Upper and Lower Lakes
 The trees and waterfalls and scenes along the trail

Loved this tree.
And I loved that once we realized that it was a lot higher
off the ground than we originally thought
we had someone to boost us up into it.

We also stopped in Avoca,
and watched people weave some of a blanket on a loom (cool I tell you),
and enjoyed some food at the local pub
where the TV show Ballykissangel was filmed
(randomness and I kind of got the feeling it was quite like a soap opera).

We returned to Dublin,
finished last minute touches on our pot roast dinner,
greeted the elders and sisters (missionaries),
and enjoyed some magic tricks.

It was a grand two days.


Jackie Rogers said...

YAY! This looks so gorgeous! I'm so jealous!

fezzik said...

Can I tell you P.S. I love You is one of my favorite movies?

And I am jealous you saw the bridge.

Love it.