Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ireland: Part 2

Day 3: Sunday. We woke up and prepared for church and then walked the little jaunt (~20 minutes) to the Finglas Ward building. The missionaries and a YSA member spoke. And it was a nice little meeting. The other two meetings followed suit in the same pattern. I am so grateful for the knowledge which I have and throughout my trip I thought over and over again how grateful I am for the lifestyle I lead.

After church we walked home with Ivanna. She told us the story of why she was late to church after watching a man steal a girl's purse and politely asking him to return it to her while at the bus stop... once the girl found her purse missing and Ivanna told her where it went the scene got out of control and the girl went nuts, ripped the man's pants, and the Garda (police) showed up for an arrest and statements... so she was late for church. I still love the thought of this cute girl walking over to the man and saying, "Excuse me. What did you just do?" Getting a blank stare and then saying, "Give it back to her please." Man such courage! Such politeness.

The rest of the day was relaxation and watching of President Boyd K. Packer's fireside. I really enjoyed it and will probably listen to it again soon.

Day 4: Maria and I were up and out bright and early to meet up with Caroline McCoole from McCoole family tours. She told us a little about the city and sent us on our travel bus to Galway. There we met up with our bus driver for the day who took us to the farm, the Cliffs of Moher, the seaside, and Dungaire castle.

The farm was super. We saw the sheep, the green pastures that only grow grass due to the rock not too far beneath them, and we went on a "gentle" (so they called it) hike through the family owned part of the Burren.

We then headed to the Cliffs of Moher (also known as the Cliffs of Insanity as featured in The Princess Bride).
Oh what majesty. They are SO big. So beautiful.
Pictures really can't do them justice.
 O'Brien's Tower sat on top of a part of the cliffs looking super.
And the visitor's center reminded me of Hobbits.
There were more pictures but on Maria's camera so I'll feature them later.

The coastline we stopped at was also quite cliffy.
And beautiful.
And for the record it was VERY cold.
We made sure to get a few pictures without coats on though.

The last stop of the tour was Dungaire Castle.
It was quite dark, but I managed to snap a picture or two.
We got home fairly late so it was off to bed.

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