Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Little Gratitude and The Birth Story the World Will Never Forget

I feel like I am slacking a bit.
Ok actually a LOT.
I didn't even mention thanksgiving -
when I have so much to be thankful for,

And Christmas hasn't really been mentioned either...
...and it's in 15 days!

Amidst my life storms, decisions to be made, and happy moments,
I have attempted to write up at least seven posts,
and I've never completed them to a posting status.

But I want it to be known that I am incredibly grateful!
I am so grateful for days where church is just for me,
because I know that my Heavenly Father knows me
and my struggles.

I am grateful for  my amazing and wonderful family.
For their talents, gifts, time, smiles, hugs,
listening ears, examples, and so much more.
(extended family included)

I am grateful for my friends.
Their examples, letting me help them through rough patches,
and being their for mine.

I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ,
and a knowledge of its truth.
I am grateful for my older brother,
His Atonement for the world and, and the hope it provides me.
I am grateful for living prophets and apostles and their words.

I am grateful for a home, for the future and opportunities,
for good music,
for great values learned from movie and books,
for nature's glorious beauty,
for technology so communication with others is so easy.
for memories of the past - the magical moment of life,
and for the memories to come,
childhood friends who helped sculpt me,
future friends who will continue to mold me,
And SO much more!

I am especially grateful for the Spirit of Christmas

(even though I've caught myself multiple times feeling like this)
For the giving and the living that happens this time of year.
For the beauty of lights, and nativity's, and stars.
For the music and the message of the season -
and the humble story of the birth that changed the world.

Over at my long, lost cousin Elise's blog today,
I read that dear story written beautifully by Elise, 
as though it is through the eyes of Mary.
It truly is a story that just feels you with love.
Here's the link:
And Merry Christmas.

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Elise Frederickson said...

Shut up, you are too nice to me! Also, I love this post. Not because you shared my post, but because I like you and your gratitude and you.