Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ode to my 22nd year

With the passing of Christmas, my age increased and another year of my life started. So I figured it close enough to 2012 to look back on 2011 and call it an ode.

So dear 22nd year of my life...

You were good to me.
My biggest travel year to date as you took me on a cruise,
 To Mexico,
Coasta Rica,
and Panama
 then to Ireland and England,
 and across the USA - NY to UT.
Mississippi River!
Yay for family visits! :D

 You gave me a degree and lots of useful knowledge
 You strengthened the meaning of friendship.
 Took me to General Conference.
 Allowed me to attend beautiful weddings.
 You had a photoshoot on the beach.
Let me hold a butterfly,
while spending a week being "bearly" even human.
 Experience a giant hail storm.
Saw the Beach Boys in concert... sort of.
 Embarked on my 2nd annual Parade of Homes,

You were filled with smiles,
a giant Van Gogh painting,
a burning sunburn (and experimental solutions),
sister time,
delicious treats,
memories, new and old
firework fun,
trips to the zoo,
enjoying the temple beauty 
(logan, salt lake, idaho falls, preston, palmyra, nauvoo),
rainy days,
and lots of job hunting. 

I am definitely not the same person I was when I turned 22,
and I am excited for what year 23 will bring!.!.!
(and hoping it opens with a nice little job offer and a big decision being able to be made) 

Happy New Year!

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Katie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday,

It sounds like you had an amazing year!

Here's to an even more exciting one this year!

PS - When are you going to come and visit? MISS YOU!