Thursday, April 28, 2011


I know I said I would be MIA 
but life made me change my mind 
because I have to share happiness with you all!

There are blossoms on the trees!
 I can get my Vitamin D for the day today!
(you only need 5-15 minutes unprotected sun exposure between 10-3 each day in summer)
There are DANDELIONS (a weed yes - that brings me JOY)!
And the clouds are marvelous!
My favorite!
Also everytime I walk home and see this:
 . . . I start singing this:
"Just smell the grass, the dirt, just like I dreamed they'd be!"
. . . without fail!

Also the "real" world is so close and I am more than halfway to it . . .
I am finally starting to feel the excitement . . .

I cannot figure out how to embed something from vimeo so
click here to see the sky's amazingness.

p.s. while it was indeed possible that the title was referring to the absolutely amazing tv show here it is used to mean . . . I looked it up and I think that we often use this word how Inigo Montoya says, "I do not think it means what you think it means" . . . at least I don't think I made you nervous by posting . . .I meant it as I shocked you with a surprise appearance!

Back to studying and paper writing I guess.

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elise said...

all the same, I love me some Shawn Spencer.