Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Wonders

So pretty much, I have still not uploaded pictures to this here blog so it is still quite boring. I would upload today but my computer does not read my USB thing. So I went to bed fairly early Friday night because Saturday I was up and about at 5:30. I got ready for the day and went with my cousins to my cousin Olivia's baptism. It was really really good. Then I attended a breakfast at my grandparents where I spent time with the family (sadly not my immediate family but I did get to see my aunt and uncle and cousins from Oklahoma! Hooray)! It was really good. I did get hit with a plastic pizza and a chair on my head but it's all good. After all this fun I worked and sadly, I did not get to ride on my grandpa's boat. :(

So after work I was busy helping my roommate Stephanie and the guy from next door (Dan) prep for Molly's birthday party. It was insane. Then I took Molly to Noah's (well Noah picked us up) and we 'distracted' her until we actually surprised her. It was all fun and stuff. After the party I just chatted with my friends that came and then did the dishes . . . Oh I also learned the tricks to getting a Rubik's cube done! Will taught me. So I ran through that once and then went to P1 with Katie to watch the Bucket List with Lynn and later Jason. It was pretty good and even though I was told you fall asleep when tired, I made it through the whole thing!

Sunday I went to church which was way good and what not . . . so I am still wondering about my choice to move. My roommates can sometimes be too much and other times they are great to be with and do I really want to move all my stuff if in a month and a half I will be doing it again? *Sigh* why aren't little decisions like this easier?!?!

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