Saturday, June 28, 2008

Step of Faith

So as most people reading this know, I have struggled a little because I do not know what major to go into and that is frustrating to me. I have been flat out told to that I am going to have to wait for the Lord and his schedule. I am accepting this and some days are better than others . . . I have just decided to once again go with the flow and follow my dad's advice, "You are at the University to get an education, not a degree." Yep pretty much the day he told me that was a good day. I was talking to a friend about this kind of a thing because he brought up a song about God knowing best and then he told me to watch the clip found at this link.

It is amazing. Pretty much the scariest thing to do is move forward with faith . . . especially when it is a little frustrated. But as you watch Indiana Jones his second step is not so hard to take and he can see the future and then he is able to show others. Yep, pretty much it is amazing and I am watching the full movie tonight when I get off of work. So just keep going!

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