Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to School . . . One Week Down!

So yesterday my friend Katie let me know that she was no so happy with my lack of blogging lately so I decided that I would do it today while working (instead of reading for class . . . man I am good at putting that off!). So so far there has been a week of school (I have not attended classes yet today but still). I have arranged and rearranged my schedule and then freaked out because it's a mess and then got better because that's what bad things do right? So at this time I am taking, Nutrtion and Food Science, Humanities, Family Finance, Medical Terminology, and hopefully I will make it back into speech . . . yeah I ditched O-Chem and Stats but oh well! :D
Last night before studying at a park my roommate Tiff and I and her brother Kenny went to the DI! While there we found a book, it was dumb/funny but the title will get me through and I needed a picture for this post so there we go! :D
Everyone enjoy school . . . then let me know you are because for me, it's not the most fun yet!

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Katie said...

YAY! You're back. Too bad we never work together anymore!