Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Falling Behind and my weekend at Far Far Away

So I have fallen way super far behind on this here blog! Oops . . . it's kind of like my journal and one day I end up catching up on two weeks of things! Bad deal. So I am going to post a few today and probably pictures upon pictures for everyone to see.

Saturday November 15th my best friend Stephanie was baptized! It was such a good day and we were all so happy including her. I am so grateful for the gospel in my life and know it's true and brings blessings and so there is a lot of happiness and joy for me to see her find the truth as well! :D That weekend I was able to visit with friends and family who all came to Far Far Away (which is what my family decided to name our home).
This is Stephanie and I on our way to the baptism! :D

Sunday my mom's side came out for dinner and I loved it! I truly have the best family and I am sure others would disagree but I don't think that there is a better one out there. All my cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, mom and dad are the BEST and I love them all! :D

So overall that weekend was amazing. Then I headed back to Logan to school for a week and two days and then THANKSGIVING WAS HERE! See blog above! :D

The gang of friends at Far Far Away!
My Stephanie, Stephanie, Noah, and I out at Far Far Away a.k.a. home!

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