Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Where Dreams Come True

So this year the day before Thanksgiving was my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary and my grandpa decided that he wanted to spend it with his family in the most magical place on Earth . . . Walt Disney World, so he took us. The picture above is of them in our Norway banquet hall in EPCOT for Thanksgiving dinner. We took a lot of pictures, but I don't have access to them now as they are at home. So here is a few that I have and some of my experiences, no memories that go with them (perhaps more will be surfacing throughout the next few months. We'll see). :D

Our first full day was spent in Animal Kingdom . . . this was Thursday and Thanksgiving! We hit the Kilimanjaro Safari and Everest! :D So So So much fun! We also walked around the park and saw the animals they had there. We were accompanied by my aunt Heather, Uncle Roy, and their girls Chantel, Hailey, Raquel, and Cherakie! Loved spending the day with them. When we hopped in line for Everest we ended up running into my Aunt Lita and Uncle Kent and some of their posse, Victor, Olivia, and MariAmanda! On the Safari we got to see all sorts of animals and our guide was quite entertaining. We saw a giraffe, lions, monkeys, elephants, crocodiles, hippos, rhinos like the one in the picture below, and many many more. We also were involved in traffic due to the ostrich that decided to walk down the road in front of our jeep!

One of the many endangered White Rhinos we saw . . . my sister did not zoom in to get this picture as we drove by!
And this is me on the Safari just sittin' in the jeep! :D
After the Safari we hit Everest Expedition! This is a HUGE rollercoaster that goes up AND down the large mountain you can see behind us. I don't know who builds these things but they are sweet! It went backwards, forwards, up, DOWN and I mean really down. The pictures taken in the tunnel were hilarious! It had dark tunnels and a Yeti. So much fun!

This was actually taken the second time we went to Animal Kingdom (which was Friday because we had missing Bug's Life ride the day before) . . . with a last name like ours how could we not take the opportunity to get a picture with Ratcliffe?

This is the Bug's Life which we returned to Animal Kingdom to experience . . .well you can't see it because it is inside this big tree. The ride is like the one in Disneyland so some of you may have experienced it with acid spraying you, bugs exploding before your eyes, and getting stung by hornets. The sensations we sweet, at the end you could even feel the bugs crawling under your seat to leave the room. YUCK!

The second day we also hit The Festival of the Lion King which while on our way to we ran into Flik and when line is not long . . . you take a picture so we did! :D

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