Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Where Dreams Come True: More of the Story

No! I wasn't going to stop there! There were still a whole bunch more days and parks to visit! :D As I said we ate Thanksgiving dinner in EPCOT and afterward watched the show "Illuminations." It is music, pyrotechnics, fireworks, and lasers! GORGEOUS and AWESOME! :D It blows my mind away the things that were happening in this place! :D I often found myself thinking, "I can't believe I am really here!" So cool. So fun!

This was at dinner! The flowers were in our roll bowl.
Saturday morning we spent time at Hollywood Studios. We did the Star Wars ride for my little brother and that made me a little off no illnesses or anything . . . and different than the Everest at Animal Kingdom made me feel which was very weird through the back of the head and neck. Yeah. After that we went through Hollywood video history ride and then found Prince Caspian! He happened to be the only Prince around (we later found Aladdin) and he was quite charming. They did very very well with him. He was friendly and the accent was done well and he was just fun to visit with! :D Then we went to an Extreme Stunt show where they ruined some of Hollywood's coolest secrets from action movies . . . but while ruining it, it was pretty darn cool. My mom and Amberly didn't go to that and when we got out we found that they had won fast past tickets to all the rides for anytime while standing in line for Mickey. We didn't really want to spend much more time in Hollywood Studios so we gave them away after they used the ones they wanted to (Little Mermaid). They won because it is the year of a Million Dreams down there in Florida, which is really cool. (I hope all that makes sense.)

We had spent Friday afternoon in Magic Kingdom and then spent the night in EPCOT where we went to Finding Nemo . . . Turtle Talk with Crush was amazingly fun! :D We went back to Magic Kingdom Saturday night for the parade and fireworks as well as Story time with Belle and the Disney Dreams Come True show. I love Walt Disney World, can I just say that? Walt Disney truly was an inspired man.
This is my sister Shayna and I gazing up at Cinderella's castle at nighttime! :D And below is the castle in the day time!
While looking at these pictures and writing the stories I am a little mixed up and confusing I am sure . . . and I still have MORE pictures and stories . . . when I can get a hold of them, you best be ready! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and break however you spent it. I hope all of us got to see our family and friends because that is really what makes the best memories, I know for me that's what made mine! :D

Oh! And on the plane ride home the sky was so beautiful! We took off at sunset and then flew between two layers of clouds for a while. So gorgeous to see the clouds below soft and blanket like and then the ones above just like the sky up close! Right before we landed the moon was shining on the clouds below and it was breathtaking . . . I guess when I think about it, that made the 4 hour plane ride worth it (I don't know why the 4 hours was so hard . . . I have been on longer ones but that plane ride was killer!)

Anyway stay tuned for more . . . and everyone ENJOY THIS TIME OF YEAR and make the most of it!

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