Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Princess moment?

Last night my friend Natalie and I went on our nightly walk. One day we saw two dear in a house's yard and that was just cool! Well last night there were FIVE dear in the church area. So I was just excited because I just think wild animals like that are the coolest and they didn't really like my bouncing around - even with me quite a ways away. I watched Enchanted the other day and of course ALL the princesses have moments when they sing with the animals and they LOVE the princesses right back . . . I tried it and NOPE they run away. But it was sure fun anyway - I don't know how you will use this information in the future but maybe the next time you see a doe or 5 you will be curious enough to experiment yourself or just not waste your time (I recommend the experimenting) . . . ANYWAY . . . have a great day!

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