Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mormon 3:2-3

Sorry I have become somewhat "inspirational" - only lately but I was reading a sister missionaries blog and stumbled across this amazing gem! I had to go and read the scripture and mark it! Since she wrote it so well I have copied and pasted it! :

I read a scripture during studies this week that I wanted to share. It is in Mormon 3:2-3. (I think!) In vs. 2 the Lord commands Mormon to go and cry repentance unto the people and he obeys the Lords command, then in vs. 3 it says, and it was in vain." I realized when I read that scripture that sometimes we set in our mind that when we are obedient we will receive immediate blessings or everything will work out amazingly. My first thought after reading that was, he did what God asked, why didn’t it work? And then I realized God didn’t command him to go cry repentance promising him great success as a result, God just simply commanded and Mormon Obeyed, no strings attached. What an amazing example. We should never assume we deserve a specific blessing for our obedience. God blesses us in his way and in his time.

The Book of Mormon is real. The church is true!

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