Friday, June 12, 2009


Explanation: Duckbert resides at the Willow Park Zoo in Logan and was named by my friend Nick. When I asked him about the Facebook fan page he made for the duck he insisted we go and see him. So last night we went to the zoo and got to feed the ducks (duck food stinks and it stinks more when you've spent a bunch of dimes and held it in your hands for a while . . .it lingers). But so much fun and I got to see Duckbert who is a ruddy shelduck like the one below(there are TWO at the zoo but you can discover which is Duckbert by the fact that he will talk to you lots) - go find him one day! AND DURING THIS . . . I ran into my friend Katie who pretty much I love - it was truly a great event! :)

Also I was informed that you can let geese bit your hand and it doesn't hurt . . . so I don't know if this is completely against all zoo rules but I allowed a goose to beak(?) my hand and it was cool! :)

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Katie said...

It was so much fun running into you last night! Duckbert is adorable! Love the pictures (and the fact that you were brave enough to have your hand pecked at!)