Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Week of Blessings

So this past week has been amazing (not necessarily outstanding but it was one of those that shows a person how blessed they are for the people, places, and things in their life) and I liked it a lot. Let me share a little about it with you
  • I worked my job as usual - not necessarily the most exciting thing but I am grateful for a job that allows me to be me and also doesn't cause me any stress.
  • My friend Katie and I attempted to hike to the wind caves - yes attempted because our plans for a hike and picnic were thwarted by rain and hail :( BUT we went to her sisters and ate our lunch while we watched a movie. I love that girl!
  • I went to the chiropractor.
  • I took my friend Kendra's car back to her (she let me steal it for my appointment)and I decided to spend the rest of the night with her and those at her house (Ashley, Jackie, and Paula). I love just BEING with those people I love!
TUESDAY: I really didn't do a whole lot this day besides work and a walk with Natalie! :)
  • I went to work :)
  • My friend Celeste and I made brownies after which she took me to the chiropractor for a quick fix then left to see her boyfriend,
  • He became her fiance quite soon after that! :) Hooray I think they are SO cute together.
  • Natalie got off work and we went to Caspers and the new Walmart with her roommate Katie and friends Dan and Bryan.
  • We watched Never Been Kissed with Natalie's roommate Tara and fell asleep (HAD a SLEEPOVER) to Pride and Prejudice.
  • Natalie and I woke up and discussed our weird dreams - we blame it on the pizza
  • We had breakfast and watched The Little Mermaid
  • Then I went home and packed to go HOME HOME!
  • My aunt Heather picked me up and I got to ride with her and the girls to Pocatello
  • Spent the day with my aunts and cousins - watched them play in the mud and yearned to join (why didn't I?).
  • Got picked up by Stephanie, Jessika, and Shayna and got to stay the night with Steph in Idaho Falls
  • Got appointments out of the way
  • Went to my Aunt Jeanette's and got to play and laugh with Kristy and she took me to meet my dad
  • Got HOME
  • Ate Cody's cooking for free with Adam and Amberly and got to see my family
  • I attended a Father's Day picnic with my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandma and grandpa!
  • It was Father's DAY and I LOVE MY DAD!
  • I got up and got to go to church
  • My friend Maria was IN Arco - she goes to school in Nebraska but was visiting and I got to chat with her and loved it all
  • I got to see two return missionaries from high school
  • I got to spend the day with my family AGAIN!
  • I got to stay another night at home
  • My mom and I woke up early and she brought me back to Logan for work then hung around
  • Grandpa took us girls out to lunch
  • Mom and I had a nap
  • I went and got to hang out with my dear friend Millie and got a phone call from my friend Erika
And even though it's longer than a week this is continuing today: TUESDAY:
  • After work Celeste came by and we did a few things together
  • Kyle and Tiffany and I get to go to the temple and that combination of people and place is so wonderful!

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Katie said...

Sounds like a very blessed week indeed! We should try hiking again soon!