Monday, June 29, 2009

Little Toy Trucks

So pretty much last week continued from the week before and previous post in being AMAZING! I love the people in my life and surprisingly I didn't really feel overwhelmed by being out and about all week. Amongst these days was Saturday which I have been planning for quite some time. My friends Will and Joseph came up from Salt Lake area. Joseph brought up a girl named Tiffany and together we went to Minnetonka (kind of like mini tonka hence the little toy trucks) Cave which is pretty great and had a picnic afterwards - if this looks familiar I DID do this last summer as well!

When you first go in they tell you to NOT touch the formations as the oils on your hands won't let the minerals in the dripping water collect and allow them to grow anymore . . . oops!
Ok really this one is already dead so they let you touch it. Inside the cave you can see a fault line and Will decided to call it Natalie's Fault and this stalagMite is near there.
I don't remember where we were at in the cave when Will snapped this one but I think it was in the room where you get to experience complete darkness - there are two places this can occur on Earth in a cave OR at the bottom of the ocean.
This is outside the cave. As you can tell the picture was taken with PERFECT timing as it captured Joseph's oops look and Natalie's initial reaction to the water on her head while Tiffany and I are still smiling.
We attempted a log over the creek picture again this year and this year and probably due to last years experience it only took us two tries! There is Will, Natalie, Me, Tiffany, and Joseph.
This is a part of the creek that is right by where we ate lunch in fact the little bit of log you see is the very same one we are sitting on in the picture above AND below because I went and found last years log photo.
I was looking for last years log picture when I found this one - yes I am making a weird face BUT this past fall I lived with a girl names Ashley and when I showed her these pictures she yelled out "OH MY GOSH THAT's MY DAD!" Yup I had seen Ashley's dad even before I met her AND he made it into TWO of our photos. The world is a small place and I love it.

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