Friday, July 31, 2009

Reservoir Lake 2009

HOORAY! I went on vacation AND got to see my family. It was so good to get to go to Reservoir Lake - out annual camping spot - once again! I haven't gone the last few years and missed it. Here are some pictures from the adventure.
Here is the group on the cattleguard.

I love swimming in lakes SO much - so this is FANTASTIC.

Mmmm s'mores!
One night Dillon was in Jessika's chair. She sat on him and then somehow a struggle ensued and the chair tipped and Jessika went right over Dillon. Ouch!
Hooray for Elizabeth and Shayna who are high school seniors this year!

My dear mom and dad! :)
This is my cousin's little girl Kayla talking to my dad and I love it!
We took jumping pictures. Sorry about the spot of epidermis you can see.

Then Shayna and Kristy took some jumping pictures. It took them quite a few to get in sync and then after one that was pretty good and where Kristy liked her pose they did that pose together.
Here is the group of younger girls just chilling at the sign - Gabriella, Alyssa, and Amberly! Beautiful!
And the boys needed their tough looking picture.

Kelly and Elizabeth showing off their fashion. The other fashionable thing of the week was squished mosquitoes on your clothes.

Speaking of mosquitoes I captured one in a picture! Right there by Stephanie's nose. I also got Adam looking REALLY excited . . . probably because one of those bugs was eating him. In return for them eating us. We ate a bunch of gnats (ok this wasn't on purpose but it felt better thinking it was some sort of revenge).
Ok so this picture is not a very good one but the story is. My camera was having issues with picture taking at that time of day (dusk). But the story behind this is we were in my aunt Linda's camp when Gabriella freaked out as she saw a bear. She ran to the van along with her sister and my cousins Jessika. We said go tell everyone else so Jessika took off through the campgroud YELLING - "It's a bear, there's a bear." Then my uncle Glenn came and informed us that from outside the tent you could see that it looked like a bush. Due to our discussion after Jessika took off about how it hadn't moved and the dog in the campground next to us wasn't barking we accepted this pretty good. Then up the road comes my whole family - yup someone yells bear and we head TOWARD it - that's us. It was just great and Jessika was not impressed that we sent her to tell everyone about a bush - even if we thought it was a bear when she took off. OH! Also there were deer down there when we went to take pictures and we think that Gabriella saw them moving and then the bush and imaginations can just go wild.

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