Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So I have not been as up to date as I should be on my blog - what can I say life is really exciting and I am keeping busy- not to mention my internet at my apartment is down and I am too lazy call and get it fixed. But I promise pictures and stories are coming soon!

To prove it I will tell one now! Monday when I was at work my friend Kyle asked what my plans were for the day. Other than working I had none and so he drove up from North Ogden to play (Tiffany had her family vacation this week and was not around). We went rollerblading at a park down in the Island and then made pizza. We were later joined by Brennen and Marlin and my neighbor Mary - they all know Kyle and I have met them all before but not done a whole lot. Well we decided that we would go up to Hyrum Dam and cliff jump.

Let me explain here, I have NEVER had the desire or thought to go cliff jumping - it's NEVER appealed to me and I wasn't sure Kyle was going to go either but when he said sure let's do it I figured I would at least go to the dam with them - turns out it's not bad (ok the first time was hard and the second time was HARDER - yup didn't get easier). Also let me explain that I have boundaries and people can't just convince me to do whatever - I knew I was safe and ok or I would not have jumped. This is where we jumped but that's not us.P.S. Weird note . . . there was a lifeguard at the top of the hill - not really in the position to come get you quickly - we assumed they were watching the whole reservoir and had contact with a boat out in the water, just an interesting side note.

AND I also want to throw out a thank you to my friends - holy cow you are amazing and I love you all! Thanks for choosing to be a part of my life and/or letting me be a part of yours.

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