Saturday, December 19, 2009

Moose and Moosen

I have literally started writing several blog posts and then just not thought they were what I wanted to write. Hmm. So I will try to get something up today(I wrote this the other day ha ha).

So really I have the best life! Look at the people in it and the things I get to do!
(Oh and finals week i accomplished ALL my fun)
When I went to Hamilton's I HAD to take a picture of the salad simply because the crouton was huge! (Sadly I did not take a picture of my steak OR creme brulee)
Michelle and I - Our hard finals we D-O-N-E and we were just partying! Also I did quite well in all my classes and am quite proud of myself! :)
This is Jackie. We are friends.
Sometimes we go by Jekyll and Hyde and she REALLY likes that she gets to be the nice one.
Kendra and Ashley warrior painted and ready to fight. All I know is that I am super happy my camera caught this real reaction to Kendra's unexpected move!
I L-O-V-E this picture although I like it better when it's rotated . . . for some reason blogger is not cooperating on that . . . hmm. There is Ashley, Kendra, and Jackie from the night we made cookies, pizza, watched Scarlet Pimpernel and had Oh so much fuN!


Kendra said...

oh that was an amazing night! haha i will never forget that.

Jacqueline said...

That was a fantastic night! I think we need another one. . .soon!