Friday, May 14, 2010


I heard a rumor once.
I still believe it's true and one day will see it
with my own eyes.

This rumor is that Swan Lake in Idaho
is covered in swans during early spring mornings

Thursday Alaura and I went to find it.
Turns out . . .
I can find the town but am unsure of the location of the actual lake.
Is it the body of water next to the highway?
Behind a mountain?
Something that simply looks like a flooded field?
Needless to say.
We saw a few swans in the last one but it was too far away
for the full splendor.
We had fun anyways and have NO regrets
about our 4:30 am road trip.
We found a boxcar and Alaura fulfilled her dream
of getting her picture in one.
We discovered this site looking for the lake
(notice it's light outside . . . yeah we looked for a while).
The area where the Bear River Massacre occurred.

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