Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reaction to Life

Remember when I wrote about being so frustrated?

I do.

And I did when a kid in my ward bore his testimony Sunday too.

He said:

"I find it hard to get frustrated with life.
When I know there is a God watching over it all
Directing me.
I do however get frustrated with how I react to life."

While I know being frustrated is a choice
This opened my eyes.

It's ME deciding to react this way.
I am ok.
A loving Heavenly Father has huge influence in my life, everyday.
And he's leading me just as he has promised.
It makes me think of the Tapestry of Life poem.
You know. The one where if we could see how everything that happens
is woven together to make a beautiful picture.
God CAN see.
And not only that he knows us and our potential.
Trust in Him is key.

This also reminds me of the Touch of the Masters Hand poem/song.
We need to notice Him in our life.
We need to let Him be a part of our lives.

Things happen.
Sometimes they are just what we want,
Sometimes they can be fixed easily,
and sometimes they require effort and positive thinking
to be dealt with.

All in all.
Life is good.
Life is a blessing.

And each day has the promise of hope.
And one you chose hope. . . .

Anything is possible.

That's not written as well as I had hoped it to be.
But I hope it's good enough to communicate what I know.
And also a plug, I sadly forget things I know sometimes
If it's along these lines - help me remember.

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Katie said...

I think that it is written beautifully, and it is inspiring. Seriously.