Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Little Toy Trucks

Remember the past two summers
how I have visited this great little place
called Minnetonka?

I went again and this year we took a much larger group.

And enjoyed the crazy cave formations.

As well as the great natural place to eat.

Here are some photos to tell the story.
Katie, Natalie, and I starting the journey
in the back of a police car.
(no worries, it was an ex-police car)
We took a few.
Katie and I touching the touchable stalagmite.
The group outside the cave.
We found out later that we missed one.
Here is the real whole group.
On the log . .. as is the tradition.
(believe me I had NO idea that's how my face looked)

Also following this photo . . . I may have fallen in a bit.

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