Monday, September 13, 2010


Yesterday morning I thought to myself,

"Heidi, you have a test on Wednesday and a five page paper due Tuesday morning at seven-thirty . . . WHEN are you going to get these done amidst class, work, and research?"

Well . . . I guess we'll see huh?

On a greater note than already being somewhat behind in school,
Yesterday was a superb Sunday.
Church was super uplifting.
Everything was great but one thing I want to share is this:
The talks were on agency.
It's amazing isn't it?
And one guy took it on the angle of acting or being acted upon
But not quite how Elder Bednar did it.
He compared how Nephi acted while Laman and Lemuel allowed their lack of action to result in missing answers and murmurings and being mad at those around them and not learning from their experiences.
We are acted upon when we let things bother us.
When we let ourselves be frustrated.
When we don't seek for understanding that we desire to have.

Oh and then there was the CES Fireside by Elder Scott.
I think everyone can learn something from it
and if you chose not to you will probably laugh at some things.
 Have a great week! :)

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Cyri said...

You are wonderful. I love you most.