Friday, September 3, 2010


1. Spaghetti Sauce.
I made some last night and quite liked it.
And I am not sure what I put in it.
I guess that'll be an adventure everytime I make more.

2. Twins.
Apparently I have one on campus.
Same backpack and everything.
My friends have been seeing her for years
and let me tell you - it makes for some great stories.

I kind of wish I heard her side of the crazy people that scream my name excitedly at her until she is close enough for them to realize that she is not actually Heidi Savage.

I think I want to meet her. Or see her.

3. Classes are AWESOME.
I am definitely in the right area of learning.
Nutrition is amazing.

4. Research.
I was offered an opportunity to become more involved with a project I am helping with,
My name may even appear on a paper.


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