Sunday, November 14, 2010


I find that everyone around me is embracing Thanksgiving with thankful posts.

I LOVE this because you know what?
I love being grateful and seeing how much I enjoy that others do too
and reexamining what I should be thankful for.

The past month I have realized how grateful I am for my health
(when you don't have it you remember how great it was)
laughing, the ability to sing, the gospel, my friends . . .

Anyway what I really want to say I am grateful for is BEAUTY.
Not the movie star kind because that wears off.
But the beauty I see everyday.

I wish I could post pictures of it all but that would be a VERY long post,
because I am surrounded by it - it's everywhere.

I see it everyday in my friends.

My family.

And in nature.

I realize it's fall and this should be colorful but oh well.

And I hear it in music.

So it ends up I didn't much put pictures up BUT
If you are reading this go and look in the mirror and see what I am talking about -
I promise you will see it. (If not let me know and I will show you).

I have so much more my mind is going crazy wanting to say but to wrap it up:

Thanks for being the beauty in my life.

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