Monday, November 1, 2010


DAY 1:

Of a Zombie Apocalypse at USU started out as any other day:

Well except it didn't and I'll tell you three reasons why:
1. I had to start the day off finding my bandanna for the game telling people I was human as I picked it up from my friend Cyri the night before and then it was gone . . . 
2. I lost my phone.
3. There were zombies (no big deal).

So I was perfectly content being a human,
 (actually more than content)
and I had to go and sign a waiver 
(meaning go ACROSS campus which meant
I was making myself more vulnerable to a zombie attack).
On my way back to work I saw two zombies come out of their apartment
Unsure of whether they had seen me or not I walked faster and plotted crossing the street.
Then lo and behold there were two zombies crossing the street.
THEY saw me.
So I ran. And grabbed the nearest building's door handle just in time to be safe
(because it makes me safe to do so)
and THEN the door was locked.

They gave me a 5 second head start to try and get away 
and I almost did but I made a fatal mistake
and veered towards work rather than the other door at Edith Bowen.
This is about where I became:

p.s. I am not listed as a zombie here yet . . . 
does that mean that I am not one?
p.p.s. I FOUND my phone.


elise said...

you're listed now. :)

Heidi said...

listed but as resistance NOT in the horde.